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What is the importance of that one ticket in your life - that movie you have been waiting for since the time it was launched, that event featuring your favourite star, you name it.

And what is an event without its beloved audience?

Enter meraticket.com. We know what that one ticket means for you as an event- goer; it is an experience you have been waiting for, probably since its inception. We also know how important a solid audience base is for a cinema or an event to become a hit; each ticket, every instance of publicity matters.

At meraticket.com, we have perfected the art of hassle-free seamless ticketing for both sides. We are the first and the only South-Asian portal to have stepped into selling barcode-enabled tickets. A win-win situation all in all. How?

First win. As an event-goer, you needn’t stand in the queue for hours together and still not a chosen seat. You can choose your ticket at the comfort of your home and pay online.

Second win. As an event organiser, you needn’t worry about empty seats. By making booking easier and reachable to the crowds, you have chances of houseful shows and therefore more publicity. Plus, it is easier for you to track the sales and analyse the statistics as soon as you receive them.

Who are we?


MeraTicket.com is a Shogun Global venture designed to specifically handle the processes involved in ticketing.

Established in 2003, Meraticket.com has been operating under ARZ Solutions Ltd in India. We are a passionate team of individuals with a deep insight into the show business. With our innovative service packages, we have become the topmost portal in the USA, India and now UAE to offer online ticketing to the public and holistic event promotion services to the events.

Recently, Shogun Global joined hands with Meraticket.com to expand their quest to make entertainment more accessible to their audience. Shogun Global is a media advertising company that deals with event sponsorships and event promotions on major media platforms such as malls, cinema theatres, billboards and social media. Shogun Global excels in providing holistic advertising strategies and brand sponsorship tie ups to the event organisers. Currently, Shogun Global has marked its presence in India, Indonesia, UAE and Vietnam.

meraTicket.com UAE operations are lead by Shogun E Trading LLC. 19th Floor, Spider Business Centre, Hotel Conrad, Sheikh Zayed Road, PO Box 5610, Dubai, UAE.

Our Services

As a bridge between the Media and the Audience, we have a range of services for both sides.

For the Consumers:

Online Ticketing

Online Ticketing

Paperless Ticketing

Paperless Ticketing

Customer Service Kiosks</

Customer Service Kiosks

Secure transaction

Secure transaction engine on website to complete ticket booking process

Convenient payment

Convenient payment options: Credit Card, Debit Card, Internet Banking, Cash

For the Event Organisers:

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing services for your event – Web, Social Media

Customer Service

Customer Service

Robust Backend Administration

Robust Backend Administration

Box Office

Box Office

Post-event Analytics

Post-event Analytics

Services for the Consumers

Gone are the days when you would have to stand in the queue for hours to attend your desired event, and still run a risk of not getting the desired reservation, (or:: sigh:: not getting any at all). In this day of digitisation, the power lies in your fingertips as a consumer. You have the power to decide which event to attend, and which seat to book.

At meraTicket.com, we have made ticketing easy for you.

Online Ticketing

Online Ticketing

Use the event portal to book the ticket you want. Or if you have the app, book the ticket using the app. Either way, you don’t have to step out of your home or go out of your way to book the ticket you want.

Secure Transactions

Secure Transactions

We make booking the ticket a hassle-free experience so that you can concentrate on the anticipation of the event and enjoying the actual event without worrying about the transaction.

Ticketing at the Venue

Ticketing at the Venue:

If you are new in town and have just come across this event, fret not. We have ticketing kiosks at the venue to help you book the ticket.

Paperless Ticketing

Paperless Ticketing:

In a Go Green world, if you are the one to avoid paper, we are here to provide you with a paperless ticket which can be validated with an app used by the staff at the gate.

Bulk Ticketing

Bulk Ticketing:

For a bulk transaction, such as social and corporate groups and social students, we ensure that you have a seamless and a cost-effective experience.

Payment Options

Choose your mode of payment:

You can pay through Cash, Credit/Debit Card or Net Transfer.

Tickets at your doorstep

Tickets at your doorstep:

Order the tickets to arrive at your doorstep.
Coming soon, pay for your tickets by cash as soon you receive them.

Services for Event Organisers

We understand the multi-faceted responsibility that comes with organising an event – any event. Right from stepping into the publicity stage to the wrap-up and post-event tasks, it is mind-boggling job. That’s where we, at meraticket.com, step in to hold your hand and assist you with making your event a big success.


Let’s start with setting up your event online. All you need to do is create an organizer profile on the meraticket.com portal. Once done, create an event and set up the ticket prices and the sale scenarios. Additionally, you can also create discount and promo codes to enhance the ticket sales.


Now that you are all set up, let us start selling your tickets online.

MeraTicket.com provides various channels of payment to the consumer, so that no matter what, you will not lose an interested customer:

  • Payment via Visa/Master card or do a direct Bank Transfer.
  • Mobile/Tablet-friendly event website
  • Highly responsive email help desk: Coming soon is a hotline number to help you with your ticketing
  • Ticket franchises and outlets
  • Home delivery of printed tickets via courier.

Event Promotion: On that front, we make sure that we catch the attention of the crowd you are intending to pull. For that, we will help you with:

  • Setting up mobile marketing stall. Set up stalls in the targeted locations and let the crowd come to you.
  • Managing the guest list. For an open event, this can be a challenging task, but we ensure that the guest list is followed strictly.
  • Event Marketing. To make sure that your event reaches the potential attendees, we market your event through the following channels and draw in the targeted footfall:
    1. Banner advertisements
    2. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
    3. Social Media Marketing
    4. Email Marketing
    5. SMS Marketing
  • Sales reporting. It doesn’t with the event wrap up. We have a close eye on the sales activities as they happen. As the event ends, we provide you with the complete sales analyses.

On the Day. There are always last moment stragglers who didn’t know about the event or are new in town. For them, we help you with:

  • Setting up ticket printing kiosks
  • Ticket stall at the event venue
  • Staff to manage secure customer entry.
  • Android app to help the staff to validate customer tickets.

Customer Feedback. It is never over after an event. You organised a fascinating and memorable event for your consumer base. But did they enjoy it? We help you set up a free email system that will remind the attendees to send a feedback about the event. You can also contact them for further clarification or investigation of the comments.


Simple pricing structure. Affordable price rates.

  • Configure the charges as per your requirement and convenience
  • No extra charges from our side for the event day ticket sales.
  • Training your staff to operate the android app ticket validation or ready trained staff at your disposal for customer entry management